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Can a female employee sue her employer for sexual harassment based on the conduct of another female employee?

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) You manage the Natural History Museum downtown. Currently you retain a landscaping staff to trim lawns, trees, bushes, etc. In light of budget cutbacks, you’ve decided to outsource the landscaping work. Develop a specification/statement of work for landscaping contractors to use in developing bids and eventually form the basis of a contract. Thank
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Which sentence best supports the idea that historical nonfiction gives facts and details about historical events? Historical nonfiction is a type of factual writing as opposed to fictional writing. Historical nonfiction might be about electricity, matter, or different ecosystems. Historical nonfiction is a genre of writing that provides information to the reader. Historical nonfiction might
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Assume that Louisa carried an average balance of $1,000 from her credit card purchases over the past year. The A. P.R. on her credit card for the past year was 19.99%. Approximately how much interest would Louisa have paid over the course of the year? She would have paid interest charges of $2,000. She would have paid interest charges of $20. The credit card company would have paid Louisa
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Please explain in three well-structured paragraphs the impact of a change in the savings rate on the output.
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