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How might the transfer of thermal energy and of Kinetic energy by wind affect water molecules on Earths surface and in the atmosphere? Need it in less than 10 minutes

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I can’t figure how to figure out the mole of c and mole of h
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A copper sulfate solution contained 0.100 moles of copper sulfate dissolved in 0.500 dm3 of water. Calculate the mass of copper sulfate in 30.0 cm3 of this solution. Relative formula mass (Mr): CuSO4 = 159.5
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Sketch and describe the WHMIS symbol for each of the following hazards: (a) explosive (b) poisonous and infectious, causing immediate and serious toxic effects (c) corrosive (d) flammable
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you have a container of 5.0L with a molarity of 0.750M what would the new volume be if you increased the concentration of the solution to 9.71M
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