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A water company allows a maximum of 500mg per dm^3 of surface ions in drinking water. A sample of drinking water contains 44mg per dm^3 of sulfate ions Calculate the percentage (%) of the maximum allowed mass of surface ions in the sample of drinking water
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A metal worker uses a cutting torch that operates by reacting acetylene gas, C₂H₂(g), with oxygen gas, O₂(g), as shown in the unbalanced equation. C₂H₂(g) + O₂(g) -> CO₂(g) + H₂O(g) + heat Determine the mass of 25 moles of acetylene (gram-formula mass = 26 g/mol)
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Please help me! The equilibrium for the reaction between (CH3)2NH, a weak base, and water is represented by the equation below. The table shows the pH of three solutions of (CH3)2NH(aq) at 25°C.
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A lab procedure calls for making 440.0mL of a 1.1M NaNO3 solution. What mass of NaNO3 in grams is needed?
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