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I want to delete my account..please describe how to do this asap.

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Suppose a linked list of 20 nodes. The middle node has a data –250. Write the pseudocode to replace the middle node of the linked list with a new node and new data. Assume that the list s head pointer is called head_ptr and the data for the new node is called entry.
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SPY-AGENT SAM Sam is an undercover agent who has begun learning the decoded language. The follo which a message containing letters from A to Z can be translated into numeric using things A-1 B-2 C-3 - - Z-26 The numeric/number in an encoded message can be decoded by grouping all of the (gits and then mapping back into the letter using the reverse of the above mapping (Could have multiple ways also) Example 1: 2 2 20 7 - BBTG 22 20 7 - VTG​
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Use the drop-down menus to describe the steps for sorting records alphabetically by last name
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The company should use _ cables to provide fast connectivity without electrical interference
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