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Consider the following nonfunctional requirements and determine which of them can be verified and which cannot. Write acceptance tests for each requirement or explain why it is not testable.(a) "The user interface must be user-friendly and easy to use."(b) "The number of mouse clicks the user needs to perform when navigating to any window of the system’s user interface must be less than 10."(c) "The user interface of the new system must be simple enough so that any user can use it with a minimum training."(d) "The maximum latency from the moment the user clicks a hyperlink in a web page until the rendering of the new web page starts is 1 second over a broadband connection."(e) "In case of failure, the system must be easy to recover and must suffer minimum loss of important data."

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The asymmetric roof truss is of the type used when a near normal angle of incidence of sunlight onto the south-facing surface ABC is desirable for solar energy purposes. The five vertical loads represent the effect of the weights of the truss and supported roofing materials. The 400-N load represents the effect of wind pressure. Determine the equivalent force-couple system at A. The couple is positive
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If the input is negative, make numItemsPointer be null. Otherwise, make numItemsPointer point to numItems and multiply the value to which numItemsPointer points by 10. Ex: If the user enters 99, the output should be: Items: 990
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why did the changes made in result in fewer energy storage molecules
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the following dfs search is currently at depth 1. which node(s) will it explore next?
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