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The article below suffers from several incorrect pronouns , subject - verb disagreements and errors of tense. Correct the SIX GRAMMATICAL ERRORS within it.
DOGOWNERS which fail to clean up after their POOches face being shamed by acrusading vigilante whom is hiding out around local dog fouling hotspots and SNAPPING photos of them.
 Norman Sidebottom, 43, is the aptly named man leading the public campaign against the unsightly olfactory scourge, after becoming sick and tired of having his walks and picnics spoiled by the pongy presents some pets had left behind.
 Having been praised by several officials for his tough stance, the
father of three also had the backing of several celebrities, many of which have tweeted their support online. Both the council's sanitation
team and the town's mayor has also commended Norman for his civic mindedness.
When asked how he felt about people being fined based on his activities, Mr Sidebottom was unrepentant. "No one who's responsibly walking their dog has anything to worry about. As for those who end up out of pocket because of their pets' mess, I have only one thing to say: they should of picked it up in the first place."

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