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In A gift for mrs Robertson what is the main theme

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The main theme is a gift to the teacher. In "A Present for Mrs. Robertson," Maria Elisa finds the perfect gift for her favorite teacher, but it is not the gift she ends up giving.

Mrs. Robertson's is considered as the song by Simon and Garfunkel. It is from their fourth studio album, Bookends. Their records was released as a single on April 5,1968.

Mrs. Robertson's note to Maria Elisa boosts her self-esteem and removes her anxiety over the teacher's dislike for her. Maria Elisa is impoverished, but she, like the rest of the class, wants to give her favorite teacher a lovely gift. She, however, cannot afford it, unlike the majority of her peers. Mrs. Robertson, on the other hand, writes Maria Elissa a message thanking her for the kind present.
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