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Interactions between british, indian, and kafiristani cultures: include two additional specific examples from the text. result of each interaction: who benefitted from these interactions?

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Examples in the text:
1) British:
-The two then, were beyond the Border.I would have prayed for them, but, thatnight, a real King died inEurope, and demandedan obituary noticeHe passedthrough Peshawar andassociated himself tothe Second Summercaravan that goes toKabul. The merchants arepleasedbecausethrough superstition theyimagine that suchmad fellows bring good-fortune.
2) Indian:
-At the leveewhich was held that nighton the hillside with bigbonfiresWe gave them namesaccordingas they was like men wehad knownin India — Billy Fish, HollyDilworth, PikkyKergan that was Bazar.
3) Kafiristani:
-He burnedhalf his beard, and slunga sheep-skin over hisshoulder, and shavedhis head into patterns. Heshaved mine, too, and made me wearoutrageous things tolook like a heathen fortheir King's passing.
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