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Skill Check
Rearrange the paragraphs below into the correct sequence
That's because engineers on the UltraClean project have invented a self-cleaning, antibacterial metal surface
that repels water with an intricate layer of laser-engraved valleys.
When it rains, the lotus does not become damp; the water simply trickles off in fat droplets, taking any bugs
and dirt with it.
The drudgery may not be around much longer, however, if a team of Italian scientists has anything to do with
"It's simply an amazing plant" concluded Professor Luca Romoli, leader of the project, "and we've succeeded
in mimicking it. Magnifico!"
FEW tasks in life hold less joy than scrubbing the ghost of somebody else's porridge from a saucepan.
The starting point for the research was the leaves of the lotus flower.

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