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Arrivée des trains A computer glitch at the train station has caused arrival times to appear out of order on the monitors. Renumber them in the order in which the trains will arrive, starting with the earliest one. (8 x 1 pt. each = 8 pts.) a.


Le train de Rennes arrive à douze heures trente.



Le train de Bordeaux arrive à dix-neuf heures dix.



Le train de Nice arrive à seize heures quarante-deux.



Le train d’Aix-en-Provence arrive à vingt-deux heures vingt.



Le train de Lyon arrive à quatorze heures quinze.



Le train de Strasbourg arrive à dix-sept heures cinquante.



Le train de Nantes arrive à onze heures quarante-cinq.



Le train de Toulouse arrive à vingt heures trente-cinq.

L’heure Write out the following times in complete sentences. Write(using words) each way that you have learned to tell time in French EXCLUDING the 24 hour clock. Indicate whether it is morning, afternoon, or evening. REMEMBER to not write responses using the 24 hour clock.

1. 12:00 AM (2 ways)

2. 1:15 PM (2 ways)

3. 2:26 PM (1 way)

4. 3:30 AM (2 ways)

5. 10:31 PM (2 ways)

6. 11:37 AM (2 ways)

7. 8:45 PM (3 ways)

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