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Which of the following accurately lists physical factors that help constitute a region? Trade networks, religions practiced, and language
Climate zones, language, and trade networks
Political units, climate regions, and river systems
Vegetation, climate, land and water forms

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Water moves under Earth s surface to fill in open spaces in rocks or soil. What is this type of water called? A. watershed B. water table C. groundwater D. surface water
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The equation d = 2t2 gives the distance from the start point of a toy boat that starts at rest and accelerates at 4 cm/s2. The equation d = 10t - 8 gives the distance from the start point of a second boat that starts at rest 8 cm behind the first boat and travels at a constant rate of 10 cm/s. By setting the equations equal to each other, you can determine when the cars are
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Background Information: This is a passage from a "self-help” book for women, written by a female teacher during the Tang dynasty. A woman who manages the household should be thrifty and diligent. If she is diligent, the household thrives; if lazy, it declines. If she is thrifty, the household becomes enriched; if extravagant, it becomes impoverished. . . . If your husband
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Which way does India’s Ganges River flow?
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