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This is stupid and also what is 37.62 nearest hundreth.

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Answer: 1) oxygen 2) food source 3) protective function 4) raw material

Explanation: The tree has so many functions but I would like to highlight tne most important functions.

1) Oxygen. All living trees make oxygen. That's why, they are the air generators that are so necessary for life on Earth. Because of this, forests are often called the lungs of the planet. In addition, trees absorb carbon dioxide, which is a strong toxin.
2) Food source. The tree is the main source of food for many animals. Some animals eat leaves, other animals eat fruits or strobiles.
3) Protective function. Protective function is that the trees are able to protect the earth from wind erosion. Besides, the roots of trees fasten the soil, making it more durable and solid.
4) Raw material. Trees are also used in various industries. For example, people use wood in the construction of various buildings.
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Answer: c) Der
Explanation: I use the article "der" because it's a dative case. The dative case in German answers the questions: Where? When? The article changes in German. In German, there is a group of prepositions, after which the next word always stands in the dative case. The preposition "nach" points to a sequence in time or a period of time in the past. The word "die Bluse" is feminine. Therefore, we use in this sentence the article "der"
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1. Ich fahre zur Bank.  

2. Wir möchten Obst am Markt kaufen.

3. In der Stadt ist es unmöglick einen Parkplatz zu finden.

4. Ja, wir essen gerne Eiscrème.

5. Es gibt viel Verkehr  in der Stadt.

6. Wir gehen ins Kino heute Abend.

7. Sie liest Bücher gern  im Bett.

8. Ich laufe gern  am See entlang.

9. Auf dem Land  ist das Leben viel gemütlicher.

10. Ich brauche Geld um Bücher zu kaufen.

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Apple seeds are toxic to most birds, such as the Conure

Hoffe das hilft! (Hope this helps!)

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1. Hi, Emilie

2. Hallo, Anna.

3. Was machst du gerade

4. Ich mache Hausaufgaben.

5. Ach so.

6. Ich bin aber gleich fertig. Was ist denn los?

7. Ich möchte Tennis spielen.

8. Tennis? Ja klar.

9. Super. Kommst du dann?

10. Ja, ich bin gleich da.

11. Also bis gleich.

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Ich bin in Deutschland geb.oren und ich mag N.udeln und Anime.

sry bout the periods, thinks its a bad word

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if the polygon is 'regular', then each outer angle is

(180) - (the inner angle) .

so (180 - 156) = 24 degrees.

How to find the out angle ? ( only if u know the answer
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I do not think that the Nazi party allowed the BBC to broadcast or write stories about Germany without the consent of the party. But do to the Nazi parties censorship it is very unlikely that the BBC was allowed in the country exempt for the Olympic games held in 1936.

(PS: I'm sorry if the swastika if offensive to you, but I am a History wiz and it is a big part of history)

Was the bbc allowed in nazi germany?
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im confused about the queastion but here:

American     I am American:

blond           Blonde hair is very popular here

brunette      Brunette is just a fancy word for brown hair

German       I dont know how to speak German well

coloured     This morning the sun coloured my backyard nicely

large            Our school is large

young          My sibling is very young still

small            she/he is so small!

enormous    They must think im enormous

red-haired    My friend is red haired

slim               Its a slim chance that you will have any trouble here

beautiful       Your so beautiful

weak             It makes me weak haha

strongly        I strongly believe we will be great friends

far                 Lunch isnt to far away


ch bin Amerikaner

Blondes Haar ist hier sehr beliebt

Brünette ist nur ein schickes Wort für braunes Haar

Ich kann nicht gut Deutsch sprechen

Heute morgen hat die Sonne meinen Garten schön gefärbt

Unsere Schule ist groß

Mein Geschwister ist noch sehr jung

sie ist so klein!

Sie müssen im enorm denken

Mein Freund hat rote Haare

Es ist eine geringe Chance, die Sie haben werden

Ärger hier

Du bist schön

Ich bin fest davon überzeugt, dass wir gute Freunde sein werden

Das Mittagessen ist nicht weit weg

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