Isaac is experiencing confusion, problems with coordination, and slowed breathing. he is showing a lack of good judgment. he has also been struggling with memory loss and fatigue. what drug is isaac most likely abusing? a.stimulants b.steroids c.marijuana d.depressants

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D. Depressants.  Marijuana can cause some of these symptoms also but as I remember it (as one who grew up in the '70's) it had little if any effect on coordination. Depressants mainly in the form of pills or alcohol will definitely cause all of these symptoms.
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D. Depressants.


Depressants are drugs that are capable of interfering with the normal functioning of the central nervous system, leading to decreased brain activity.

In people who consume depressants symptoms such as:

Drowsiness, Lack of attention, Confusion, Dizziness, Slowness to process information, Decreased mobility, etc.

Other effects caused by the consumption and abuse of these substances are:

Fatigue, Depression, Sleep disorders, Sexual dysfunction, and even memory disorders.
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