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Referring to your notes and the provided documents, write a two- to three- paragraph essay that describes how the primary-sources from Task 1 make their respective arguments. Compare and contrast the arguments presented in the documents. Make sure your essay addresses these questions: What techniques do the authors use to form their arguments?
Is there any evidence of bias or stereotypes?
Here are some resources to help you write your essay:
Research and writing information
Creating a thesis statement
Using the author-date system, make sure you provide parenthetical, in-text citations for any information you use from outside sources, including the two provided documents. When you have finished, reread your essay to check for all of the points above, and then proofread it to be sure your work does not contain errors in grammar or spelling.
two sources In this activity, you will reference two primary-source historical documents: Declaration of Sentiments by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Pearl Harbor speech by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Before you read the documents

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