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There are 20 slices of bread and a Lula how many two slices sandwiches can you make with one loop when multiplication facts I need division facts you could use to solve this problem

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A spherical-shaped ball that has a radius of 4 inches is currently deflated. How much air would it take to completely inflate the ball?
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An 8“ x 14“ rectangle is cut along is diagonal to form two triangles what is the area of each of the triangles in square inches?
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amy’s company reimbursed her expenses on food , lodging , and conveyance during business trips. The company pays $90 a day for food and lodging and $0.60 for each mile traveled, Amy drive 300 miles and was reimbursed $630
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If triangle J K L is reflected across the x -axis and then translated 3 units right to form triangle J ′ K ′ L ′ , what is the y -coordinate of point L ′ ?
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