Analyzing a function the population of bobcats in northern arizona since 2008 can be modeled using the function b(t) = –0.32t2 + 2.7t + 253. what does t represent? what is the domain for this function? which range values would not make sense for this function? would the graph be continuous or discrete, and why?

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"b" represents the population of bobcats.

1) "t" represents the number of years after 2008.

2) The domain (t) starts at 0 (which is the year 2008) ⇒  t ≥ 0

3) The range (b) starts when t = 0. b =-0.32(0)² + 2.7(0) + 253 ⇒ b ≥ 253

4) The graph is discrete because the population must be in whole numbers.

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