Identify the parts of the body based on the medical terminology given:

1. mr. heart describes pain that is midline, superior to the chest but inferior to the chin.
2. miss triangle says that she has a ‘tweak’ that is superior to the waist, inferior to the breast bone, lateral to the umbilicus on the left side of the body on the anterior surface.
3. mr. square states that he has pulled a muscle, inferior to the buttocks, superior to the knee, medial to the right side of the body on the posterior surface.
4. miss circle complains of a sharp pain inferior to her ears, superior to the scapula at midline on the posterior side of her body.
5. mr. x says that he has numbness and tingling on the anterior side of his left arm, distal to the wrist.
6. mrs. diamond describes a throbbing pain on the posterior side of her body, inferior to her shoulder blades and superior to her waist.
7. miss arrow states that she has had a pain on the left side of her body, superior to her neck and inferior to her forehead, lateral to her nose.
8. mr. teardrop says that he has been bitten by a spider lateral to his umbilicus on the anterior aspect of his body, superior to his hip on the right side of his body.
9. miss eight describes a burning sensation on the posterior side of her body, lateral to the spine on the left side of the body inferior to the shoulder blade, inferior to the waist but anterior to the knee.
10. mr. four shows you a deep wound on the anterior side of his body, medial to the left hip, lateral to the umbilicus, inferior to the collarbone and anterior to the waist.

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