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Instead of a huge unknown bag, we drew samples of size n = 10 out of our standard bag of
100 Skittles that contained 19 green Skittles, so p = 0.19. We can plug numbers into our
formulas for the mean and standard deviation of the sample proportion to find out about the
distribution of p values we might find. What would the mean and standard deviation simply

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Carbon enters the soil through _ of organic matter by microorganisms.
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Can you give me the answer plz
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To test the durability of cell phone screens, phones are dropped from a height of 1 meter until they break. A random sample of 40 phones was selected from each of two manufacturers. The phones in the samples were dropped until the screens broke. The difference in the mean number of drops was recorded and used to construct the 90 percent confidence interval (0.46,1.82) to estimate the population difference
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The population of a city has decreased by 38% since it was last measured. If the current population is 9300, what was the previous population?
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