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The graph shows the trend of increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) levels globally from the years 1700 to 2000. Based on your knowledge of CO2 and its correlation with atmospheric temperature, how will the global temperature graph look?


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A. The line in the temperature graph will run parallel to the line in the carbon dioxide graph. 
B. The temperature graph will show a negative correlation between CO2 percentage and air temperature. 
C. The greatest change in temperature will be from the years 1700 to 1800. 
D. The slope of the temperature graph will be lower than the slope of the carbon dioxide graph. 
E. The temperature will remain relatively constant from the years 1900 to 1950.

The right answer is A.

A. The line in the temperature graph will run parallel to the line in the carbon dioxide graph. 


The greenhouse effect is a natural process that significantly changes the surface temperature of our planet. And the latter is exerted mainly by carbon dioxide (CO2).

The atmosphere acts as a dissymmetrical insulator, letting the heat of the Sun pass but retaining the heat of the Earth. Therefore, the higher the concentration of greenhouse gases, especially CO2, is, the higher the surface temperature of the Earth.

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