Code of Honor

Studen works to help you succeed and make new topics, ideas, and concepts clearer. We strive to provide the best academic resources to help you study even better.

We expect our students to study in compliance with the highest academic integrity possible and NOT to pander any misuse of the content or corresponding assistance provided via our site for the express purpose of committing academic deception, including, but not limited to: cheating and claiming that a third person’s work belongs to them.

A few examples of misuse:


Don’t copy answers and solutions directly from Studen resources and don’t submit them as the ones done by you.


Do not use Studen services to solve the rated tasks if this violates your educational institution’s code of honor or if you are asked not to resort to a third-party’s help.

An attempt to take another person’s identity:

Don’t upload another person’s education materials to Studen and don’t declare them to be your proprietary education materials.

Please use Studen in compliance with your educational institution’s academic honor code only to assist in task comprehending. We understand that educational institutions put significant pressure on students and set deadlines. However, the risk of violating your school’s honor code isn’t worth the reward.

Cheating, plagiarism, and other ways of violating your institution’s code of honor may lead to severe consequences. Violations can often result in supervision, suspension or expulsion from your educational institution. Similarly, any Studen expert who intentionally violates our code of honor will be expelled as an expert from the website.

We strive to contribute to preventing our products from being misused. If you suspect a violation of the code of honor, visit our academic integrity page and apply the code-regarding situation for consideration. Teachers can also visit this page to request a temporary content blocking to ensure integrity at an exam. Thank you for your cooperation in supporting student learning.

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