Read the excerpt from enrique’s journey. during his first attempts north, a chance meeting saved enrique from the worst of the gangs. as he set out on his trip, he noticed another teenager, a gangster named el brujo, at the bus station in honduras waiting to go to the mexican border. enrique doesn’t like gangs. but as the two spent hours traveling through honduras and guatemala together, they became friends. on their first train ride through chiapas, el brujo introduced enrique to a dozen other ms members, among them big daddy, who is skinny and short; el chino (the chinaman), who has slanted eyes; and el payaso (the clown), who has a big mouth and eyes. on subsequent trips, when he was deported, he always stuck with one of these gang members to protect himself from any attacks.the author uses the narrative technique of characterization in this how does this technique support her purpose? a) it create an element of suspicion. b) it shows that enrique is resourceful. c) it shows that enrique is a gangster. d) it explains enrique’s motives for traveling north.

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The author of “Enrique’s Journey”, Sonia Nazarro,  wants to create a vivid scenery for the readers. By using characterization, the story becomes more compelling and the characters become alive before your eyes.  

Question: How does this technique support her purpose?


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