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How are american literature and the american identity interrelated?

american literature often portrays aspects of the american identity.

the american identity is usually determined by american literature.

american literature is part of the system by which the federal government creates an american identity.

american literature is the inspiration through which people build an american identity.

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"American literature often portrays aspects of the American identity"is the proper answer. Literature of most kinds is meant to be a reflexive mirror, towards which society is meant to look. 
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American literature often portrays aspects of the American identity


American literature is the literature written or produced in the area of the United States and its preceding colonies. For more specific discussions of poetry and theater, see Poetry of the United States and Theater in the United States.


American Identity: Ideas, Not Ethnicity. Since the United States was founded in the 18th century, Americans have defined themselves not by their racial, religious, and ethnic identity but by their common values and belief in individual freedom



The correct answer between all the choices given is the first choice or letter A. I am hoping that this answer has satisfied your query and it will be able to help you in your endeavor, and if you would like, feel free to ask another question.

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The correct answer is A. American literature often portrays aspects of the American identity.


American literature refers to any literary work including poems, novels, stories, plays that have been created in the U.S that covers multiple centuries from the arrival of the first colonizers and creation of the first literary works during the 17th century to nowadays.

Additionally, this type of literature has been widely influenced by the American identify that includes values, customs, celebrations, norms, history and geographical features that change over time. For example, during and after the Civil War most literary works were related to slavery and the different positions related to it and over time literary works have been influenced by the mixture of cultures in the U.S. Therefore, the statement that describes the link between American identity and literature is "American literature often portrays aspects of the American identity".

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The correct answer is: simile

Through this text, we can see that the phrase "It is as if a great earthen pot has dropped from an unreachable rafter'' represents a comparison with the doubts that the narrator presents. This comparison is made through two elements that have nothing in common, but that the author uses to create a new meaning about one of them. This is done through simile.

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Please, see below:

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Thoreau states, “… When an acorn and a chestnut fall side by side… bothobey their own laws…” (3). This can be interpreted as success being obtainable withoutthe assistance of another. The acorn and the chestnut are two individuals that are uniquein their own way yet had the same result. The same goes for people; for those reachingthe same goal as another, it is much better to do it under your qualities and your own way.The purpose of this passage was for Thoreau to inform his audience on his viewson the government and its negative affects on civilization. With its restrictions, peoplecannot fully live up to their potential because the bureaucracy will always limit them.Thoreau wants his audience to become successful in their own manor and uses theserhetorical devices to sync with his readers

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