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Apump with a 400 mm diameter suction pipe and 350 mm diameter discharge pipe is to deliver 20,000 litres per minute of 15.60c water. calculate the pump head in metres if suction gage is 7.5 cm below the pump centreline and reads 127 mmhg vacuum and the discharge gage is 45 cm above the pump centre line and reads 75 kpa.

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pump head is 10.15 m


given data

diameter suction = 400 mm

diameter discharge = 350 mm

discharge = 20000 l/m

to find out

pump head in meters


we know discharge is 20000 l/m

so discharge = \frac{1}{3} m³/min


we know suction head hs  is express as

hs = section gauge × specif gravity of Hg

hs = 0.127 × 13.6

hs = 1.7272 m of water


delivery head hd is express as

hd = \frac{delivery gauge}{density of water*g}

hd = \frac{75*10^3}{1000*9.81}

hd = 7.6453 m of water


we know distance between the gauge is here

Distance D = 0.075 + 0.45 = 0.525 m


discharge velocity vd is express as

Vd = \frac{discharge}{area}

Vd = \frac{1}{3*\frac{\pi }{4} * 0.35^2}

Vd = 3.465 m/s


suction velocity Vs is express as

Vs = \frac{discharge}{area}

Vs =  \frac{1}{3*\frac{\pi }{4} * 0.4^2}

Vs = 2.653 m/s


pump head will be here

pump head = hs + hd + D + \frac{Vd^2 - Vs^2}{2g}

pump head = 1.7272 + 7.6453 + 0.525 +  \frac{3.465^2 - 2.653^2}{2*9.81}

so pump head = 10.15 m

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