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Which would explain why there is a growing trend of obesity in kids Aged 2-19

Which would explain why there is a growing trend of obesity in kids Aged 2-19
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B. Unhealthy eating choices are more prevalent due to an increase in availability and accessibility.

It is was helpful?


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 The sample size is used for the survey (n) = 1082

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Given data There has been a trend toward less driving in the last few years, especially by young people. From 2001 to 2009

Assume the standard deviation was 2000 miles in 2009

Given the Population standard deviation 'σ' = 2000 miles

Given the margin of error at 90% of confidence interval

     Margin of error = 100 miles

The z- score value at 90% of confidence interval = 1.645


The Margin of error is determined by

M.E = \frac{Z_{\alpha }S.D }{\sqrt{n} }

M.E X \sqrt{n}  = Z_{\alpha } S.D

Now the sample size \sqrt{n} = \frac{Z_{\alpha } S.D}{Marginerror} = \frac{1.645 X 2000}{100}

                                    √n  = 32.9

squaring on both sides , we get  ' n ' = 1082.41

Final -

 The sample size is used for the survey (n) = 1082

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some of the answers are in order below.


1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d3

(Ar) 4s2 3d3

n=1 is the first energy level: 1s2

n=2 is the second energy level 2s2 3p6

n=3 is the third energy level 3s2 3p6 3d3

n=4 is the fourth energy level: 4s2

First ionization decreases going down the periodic table. But it increases going across the periodic table (left to right)

Electronegativity increases going across the periodic table (from left to right), and it decreases going down the periodic table.

Atomic radius increases going down the periodic table (more energy levels) and decreases going across (larger number of protons pull electrons closer to the nucleus)

A. Ionic bond_B_ Sharing of electrons

B. Covalent bond_C Freely moving electrons

C. Metallic bond_A_ Transfer of electrons

A dipole –dipole forces are occurring between positive end of one polar molecule and a negative end of another polar molecule.

Hydrogen bonding is when hydrogen atom bonded to oxygen, nitrogen or fluoride is attracted to another oxygen, nitrogen or fluoride atom.

Van der Waals forces are intermolecular forces that form because there is fluctuation within an electric cloud, with more electrons on one side of an atom then the other causing slight polarity in nonpolar molecules.

The cell membranes are non-polar lipids, and polar molecules cannot pass through it easily. Some small polar molecules (medicine) can diffuse through the lipid layer easily but larger cannot. (research more)

The strongest bond is H –H bond. The weakest is I-I bond.

These are the measures of average bond energies of the most common bonds present.

S can bond with I and N in many different bond energies.

Triple bond has the highest bonding energy and it is the strongest bond, then double and the weakest is single bond.

etc etc..

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(A) The scatter plot is attached below.

(B) The outlier is at (189, 16°F).

(C) There is a negative correlation.

(D) The dependent variable is sales and independent variable is the temperature.

Step-by-step explanation:

The data provided for Hot chocolate sales and outside temperatures is as follows:

Sales (Y)  Temperature (X)

 100          92

 213                88

 830          54

 679          62

 209          85

  189           16

 1110          52

 456          65

 422          68

 235          89

  199          91


The scatter plot is attached below.


A cluster is a collection of points or values at one place.

On the scatter plot there is a cluster of three values between the temperatures 80°F to 100°F.

An outlier is a value that is very different from the other values in a data set. It is either too small or too large.

There is an outlier present in the provided data set.

The outlier is at (189, 16°F).


The point on the scatter plot are downwards sloping.

This implies that there is a negative relationship between the variables temperature and sales.

Thus, there is a negative correlation.


Dependent variables are those variables that are under study, i.e. they are being observed for any changes when the other variables in the model are changed.

Independent variables are the variables that are being altered to see a proportionate change in the dependent variable.

In this case the data represents the sales of hot chocolate according to the temperature outside.

So, the dependent variable is sales and independent variable is the temperature.

This is because as the temperature decreases the sales of hot chocolate increases.

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This universal trend has become a vicious cycle, where the demand for sensational news articles trumps the genuine need for credible information. Journalism, like many other services, has become commercialized and, under the disguise of reporting and exposing misdeeds, it is shamelessly being sold. Additionally, falsified and unverified news reports further disrespect the profession.


The above article aims to inform the role of journalism within our society and how the journalist is charged with helping and ensuring that journalism fulfills its function. However, the article shows that over the years, journalism has become something sold, weak and demoralized due to the content of information that people are interested in, which directly reflect on the seriousness of this industry. The phrases shown above, show the moment when the article is no longer informative and starts to make a harsh criticism about how journalism is being established today.

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"... the Higher Education Research Institute’s (HERI) found an all-time high in the percentage of first-year college students who indicated that there was a high probability that they would volunteer or participate in community service sometime during their college careers."

"... University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future study also finds a rising trend in volunteering among teens."


The two details of the article shown above, can support the argument of requiring a hundred hours of community service to graduate from high school. This is because these details show that the requirement of volunteering work in secondary education influences young people to participate in voluntary activities again and this is a good thing for society, since volunteer work is able to help the State to solve some social problems.

In short, the requirement of 100 hours of community service to graduate from high school, trains young people willing to help society.

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1. Natural selection is the process in which organisms who have the ability to survive more in the environment are favored than the other ones. In this type of evolution, the ones who do not adapt well with the environment gradually die off and the one with the best traits are left standing. Among the choices, choice B reflects this explanation.


2. Alleles are forms of a gene which determine the phenotype, or the observable traits, of an organism. Natural selection, on the other hand, is a form of evolution where the organisms with the better phenotype are favored and allowed to survive. Thus, allele controls the phenotype while natural selection works directly on it.


3. Speciation is the process of evolution in which a new species is formed. To obtain this, populations within a species should be reproductively isolated. That is, they should be restricted from mating with each other so that the species is forced to accumulate the genetic differences within different populations and overtime form into a completely different species.


4. As explained earlier, evolution through natural selection favors the organisms who are well adapted to the environment. Thus, it only makes sense to conclude that adaptation increases the fitness of the individual because it allows them to survive longer.


5. A cladogram is a form of diagram which illustrates the relationship of different species. The node in the cladogram is found on the main branch and each one represents a point where two groups shared a common ancestor. While it is true that nodes also represent a new clade, the terminal node or the tip of the cladogram do not form a new one.


6. Charles Darwin is best known for developing the theory of evolution. In this theory, Darwin observed the statements given among the choices EXCEPT for the one in choice D. Darwin only observed physical traits or characteristics and did not delve into the genetic code of organisms.


7. Through the literal meaning of the phrase itself, “common descent” tells us that all organisms descended from one common ancestor. That is, we all shared a common ancestor some time in our evolutionary history. Among the choices, choice A accurately describes this.


8. As the environment where white and brown mice live starts to get more snow, white mice will adapt better to the new environment since their white fur would allow them to camouflage better. Natural selection will act on the population and brown mice will soon decrease in population as the allele for white fur increases.


9. Since most of the cheetahs went extinct during a single generation, they experienced what we call the bottleneck effect. The effect is called as such since the number of species figuratively passed through a bottleneck. For instance, billions of cheetah passing through a barrier (change in climate) only allowed thousands of them to get through.


10. Macroevolution is a term for the event where evolution happens at a bigger scale. Key patterns for this event would be adaptive radiation or when organisms start filling different ecological niches and convergent evolution or the development of similar traits among different organisms as a response to the same environment or niche.

ANSWER: adaptive radiation and convergent evolution
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1.) More veterans were able to attend college for the first time

2.) Americans were finally able to buy affordable goods manufactured in Europe shortly after the war ended.

3.) in large cities

4.) With the war over and the economy growing, people were more prepared to raise children.

5.) Developers built affordable, mass-produced houses in places like Levittown.

6.) TV created a common culture and developed common social norms

7.) Car sales decreased because people were concerned about fuel consumption.

9.) It was the first time presidential debates were televised.

10.) Raising the voting age because young people were too irresponsible for political involvement.