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Khan sat science:Passage 1 is adapted from "Ancient DNA Tells Story of Giant Eagle Evolution," © 2005 by Public Library of Science. Passage 2 is adapted from Tim Heupink, et al. "Dodos and Spotted Green Pigeons are Descendants of an Island Hopping Bird," © 2014 by BioMed Central.
question: In Passage 2, the description of a barcode mainly serves to
a trivialize the complexity of a particular research practice.
b use a familiar concept to communicate an idea.
c question the novelty of a scientific phenomenon.
d inject a note of levity into an otherwise serious argument.

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B. use a familiar concept to communicate an idea


Basically, Passage 2 states the hypothesis that spotted green pigeon is a descendant of an island hopping bird and throughot the article, it provides evidence for this statement.

The discovery is that, since the DNA found in a green pigeon's feather was fragmented and they had to analyze only parts of it, the bird had an unique sets of DNA which distinguish it from other members of the pigeon species.

These analyzed parts of DNA are refered to as "mini barcodes".

Since target audience for this article might not be fully familiar with the concept and functions od DNA, researchers used a more familiar concept of barcodes as an analogy to communicate their idea and explain their discovery.

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