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Enter the next 3 numbers of the repeating decimal product by the fraction 3/9

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find the weighted mean of 12,23,27,59,74 given the first two each have a weight of 14% and the last three each have a weight of 8.7% round to the tenths if needed
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If a point located at (2,8) makes a glide reflection according to the vector 0,-1 and reflection line of the y-axis. What are the new Cords of the image?
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The Greenland ice sheet contains about 3 million cubic kilometers of ice. If completely melted, this ice would release about 2.4 million cubic kilometers of water, which would spread out over Earth s approximate 340 million square kilometers of ocean surface. How mu Ch would the sea level rise? The sea level would rise km.
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A wall clock has a minute hand that is 12 inches long. What is the area of the sector formed by the hands of the clock when it is 4:00?
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